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to be animal protection they simply want to do the right thing for the community and the cats don knapp cbs 5 >>> you have probably never heard of them but a russian pont ban has become an overnight sensation the judge sends the all girl band to prison for a protest at the moscow main cathedral they screamed obscenities as cbs reporter juliette goodrich shows us international criticism grows louder by the man that >>> women of the provocative of punk rock group " pussy ryan " students and a court room the judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sentenced them to two years in prison. in february they burst into moscow's main cathedral and belted out an anti-government protest song calling on the virgin mary to throw out the russian president he has close ties to the orthodox church opposition leaders say he is cracking down on dissent and free speech. the all female ponte ban captures international attention protests are going on throughout the bay area at justin herman plaza in san francisco. this afternoon and outside the russian consulate in san francisco de
and contra costa times chevron employs 50 record has been consistently better than average. don knapp cbs 5 >>> a different start to the school year for california kindergartners tomorrow transitional kindergarten is offered its targets kids to do not turn five by october 31st to cut off date moved one month a fall of 2014 students must be five by september 1st to enroll in kindergarten this gives them an additional year school before starting a traditional kindergarten. 125,000 kids eligible for the new class this year. san jose police deal with the city's 28th homicide this year and fourth murder in one week. just after 5:00 a.m. this morning a man was found shot, investigators say the killing was the result of a confrontation no details released and no arrests made. a half billion tax measure in santa clara county in jeopardy the water district submitted a description for a parcel tax on the november ballot which was two words too many. the revised version missed the deadline attacks groups that threatens to sue. berlin game leaders decide tomorrow to spend $20,000 on new infomercial the
now nearly four years later game mormons are gathering here in san francisco cbs reporter don knapp on what they hope to do. did weeks if you're mormon and happened to the lesbian and gay bisexuals transgendered and you want to talk about it what can you do? well you can circle the wagons and tell mormon stories. the of ways they seek to create safe spaces where people can confers at that authentically. mormons who identifies all the bt will talk with oers about their personal conflicts and the first-ever such conference in san francisco. >>> in terms of a mixed marriage by making an end to my wife is a straight ally. and i didn't know before we got married. >>> and have children? we have three children. i make this work? >>> a lot of forgiveness lot of understanding a lot of prayer. married in the mormon church with some of its teachings but determined to stay married and more men rawness to rains have their own mormon story is held. >>> i hope that's our stories are voices r heard and understood and that's they can be part of the change that is occurring in the church. kelly h
it will continue to fight. don knapp cbs 5 >>> more than 300 earthquakes rattled southern california from imperial valley to san diego county this is what it looks like on the cbs 5 seismo cam raft the first quake at 3.5 at 10 a.m. this morning this is animation of a 4.9 shaker that hit at 1230 the largest in the swarm measured 5.3 no reports of damage or injury. san francisco police chief the highest paid top cop in the country and is about to get a raise next month as annual salary bump up 2% to $307,000, by comparison helmet more money than san francisco mayor ed lee can and governor jerry brown and vice president joe biden. >>> i'm not supporting censorship want to be sensitive to the community >>> and artists clams his work is repressed and y and r festival took his work of the web site. but petaluma little leaguers finish up with the wind. >>> we're warming and up tomorrow in the bay area and to work with forecast. ,,,,,, okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. nex
school don knapp cbs 5 >>> in new york this summer day for marine killed in afghanistan services for 21 year-old lance corporal scraggly buckley jr. in long island killed the same day as capt. manoukian two of the marines killed with an afghan police officer opens fire and a marine jim he was scheduled to be home on leave. defense secretary leon panetta and working with the afghan president on the increasing number of insider attacks he called harm and karzeid and encouraged him to work with u.s. commanders to ensure progress in getting that afghan recruits. they're working more closely with the afghan army and police in preparation for the transition to complete afghan security control by 2014 at first held veterans returning from war are picking up and the wake of a record number of suicide by soldiers. one representative is trying to give that's what they need in a single stock and. lisa washington with more >>> and ricardo apps knows firsthand the importance of resources for shoulder it soldiers returning home from more >>> for six or seven years i was lost in sacramento >>> he spen
knapp cbs 5 >>> when you think you have seen it all that is amazing. the weather has been predictable the big chill over the bay area continues there are a few changes in store. a look at the bay bridge and the numbers after a break,,,,,,,,,,, ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, >>> let's get right to it would begin with the tropics with her ken is it now tropical storm don it made landfall on haiti. it is moving northwest. winds are up to seven a mounts per hour as it continues north it will barely missed the peninsula of florida, unl
can be therapeutic the dancers will same of course it is. don knapp cbs 5 >>> when you think you have seen it all that is amazing. the weather has been predictable the big chill over the bay area continues there are a few changes in store. ,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> let's get right to it would begin with the tropics with her ken is it now tropical storm don it made landfall on haiti. it is moving northwest. winds are up to seven a mounts per hour as it continues north it will barely missed the peninsula of florida, unless something happens my computer is that. it does not matter. here is ties it it will turn into a hurricane after it passes over haiti and skirts cuba and turns into hurricane monday and just missed florida. they should not have a problem at the republican national convention. the fog and low clouds along the shoreline and and mans temperatures are cool in the bay area. temperatures in the 60s along the beach mid-70s and in the numbers will nudge 80. coolest the of the week sunday. numbers the down to 81 degrees. finely low pressure it's out of the state will look for things to r
. francis high school don knapp cbs 5 >>> in new york as somber day for a marine killed in afghanistan funeral services for 21 year-old lance corporal gregory buckley jr. in long island it was killed this and they is capt. a new key and when an afghan police officer opened fire at a marine gym. he was scheduled to be home this week on leave defense secretary leon panetta working with the afghan president on the insider attacks panetta called on the karzeid and encouraged him to work with u.s. commanders to ensure rigorous beddings of afghan recruits american and allied troops working with the afghan army in preparation for the transition to complete afghan security control by 2014. efforts to help veterans returning from more picked up in the wake of record number of suicides. one bay area lawmaker organized an event to give that's what they need edison will stop lisa washington on what is needed. >>> ricardo apps knows firsthand the importance of resources for soldiers returning home from war. >>> for seven years i was lost in sacramento >>> the gulf war veteran spanned 17 years in ac
chevron's employee safety record has been better than average don knapp cbs 5 >>> thousands of californians urge to leave their homes state of emergency declared as a wild fire burns through shasta county the bond rose a fire was sparked by lightning yesterday. 3500 homes in danger are and world towns scattered throughout shasta and trinity counties. more than 1000 firefighters are trying to get a handle 12,000 a. burned. no reports of serious injuries sunday that we sat close calls. >>> i was on the road and flames on the road on either side i looked up everything was black, i drove through it, i could not brief, there was fire everywhere on all sides of you >>> the fire burns and a rugged mountain area with lake forest making it difficult for firefighters to battle, at last check only 5 percent contained. fires burned beyond california's borders, dru levenson on the strain that the summer drought has caused >>> helicopter water drops along with better weather are helping firefighters and the battle against the taylor bridge fire in central washington. firefighters stood on
don knapp cbs five. and in seven california residents in rural areas reviewed control there in riverside county 1,800 a. have been burned as crews have only about 5% contains the air. oakland police are looking for two suspects in the shooting that killed the five year-old boy on december 30th of last year. one is an african-american male in his 20s six-foot tall about 185 lbs. he was with an american american woman in her early 20s described as 57 140 lbs.. surveillance video, the getaway car which police say a is a light-colored chevy impala 2006 to 2009 model any tips on the suspects should be reported to the oakland police. for months now the oakland police department has been plagued by problems with his emergency radios. many say the $18 million system simply doesn't work well now we've learned there may be an even bigger problem. alan martin with the story will only see on cbs five. >>> offices on the hour minute or day in which it goes dead three weeks ago the are was crucial couldn't talk to each other or the dispatch center. >>> the president of the oakland
the moment. don knapp cbs 5 >>> everyone welcome to attend the welcome home parade and celebration it is on sunday september 2nd 1:00 p.m. it kicks off at walnut park and winds through downtown. neil armstrong remembered as one of america's great explores the first man to walk on the mound many consider him a true hero he died this morning from complications of heart surgery at age 82 randall pinkston looks back >>> some of the most famous words in history and spoken by neil armstrong >>> one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >>> armstrong the first human being to set foot on the moon july 20th in 1969, a fellow astronauts said there was no better choice to lead the mission throughout his life he showed nerves of steel never losing his cool under fire. born in ohio 1930 armstrong always a daredevil a decorated combat pilot during korean war he became a test pilot flying the hottest their plans. including an experimental aircraft that reached the edge of space. he was selected as an astronaut in 1962 and his trademark coolness became apparent during his first space fli
on a movie theater, those incidents have spurned gun control advocates cbs 5 reporter don knapp tells us the key to preventing gun violence on how doctors want to treat the issue. >>> at the most recent shooting in wisconsin that left three dead and cry for answers between gun advocates and those one more control. one idea getting a new look to treat gun violence as a disease as social disease >>> traditional focus on the person using the gun, the public health approach asked us to look broadly at other factors >>> for example this doctor says they look at policies that facilitate gun violence that allows alcoholics and those with criminal records to buy guns and selling guns without a background check. forbes son of gun sales made by private parties. those loopholes closed in california. >>> in california we change the policy and not purchase of firearms for those convicted of misdemeanor violent crime is a winner in that policy associated with a 30% decrease in their risk of committing violent crimes later and 30 percent is a big change. >>> and other health policy considerations as st
>>> anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> bay area drivers hit hard in the fallout chevron says there's plenty of gasoline to meet demand prices continued to rise, don knapp tells us what else factors and to the spike at the pond. >>> no ignoring the connection between the chevron fire and the gasoline prices about 25¢ per gallon around the bay area the past week. chevron and critics said that is not about supply and not certainly about the fire. in the weeks since a major fire damage the chevron refinery bay area prices topped $4 a gallon on average $4.70 in santa clara and $4.50 in east bay. >>> my belief is behind the spill in richmond >> monica english of walnut creek as her doubts >>> i don't think it is supply and demand there something more underhanded behind that political probably. >>> the author of a journey of oil a book critical of the oil industry doubts price increases came from short supply >>> the reality with not seen any change of supply hit gasoline changes we had a fine amount of stock in the incident happened no reason for the same day gasoline prices go shooting up. >>>
it gets worse do something about it now >>> anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> bay area drivers hitting card in the fallout of the refinery fire chevron says there's plenty of gasoline for demand prices rise, don knapp @ tells us what else factors into the spike at the pump >>> no ignoring the connection between the fought refinery fire and the jump in gasoline prices 25¢ per gallon over the last week chevron and chevron critics say the firemen is not all story >>> in the weeks since the major fire damage their refinery in richmond prices topped $4 a gallon on average. $4.50 in east bay and everyone has an opinion. >>> my believe that is behind this bill in richmond >>> and you think richmond a responsible for these prices >>> but she has her doubts >>> i do not think the supply and demand into something more underhanded behind it political probably >>> the author of a journey of oil-price increases result from short supplies >>> reality is with not seen change in the actual supply of gasoline get gasoline stations we have a find the amount of stock when the incident happened there's no rea
. there is a number that you can call for updates, we all that information at, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> new developments on wildfires burning east of clearlake, the newly consolidated the fire has blackened thousands of acres near highway 20 but don knapp tells us that the news today is not all bad, he is live in callusa county with more on that. >> frank, we're now on the eastern front of the fire. if you concede that column of smoke behind me, it had been moving our way but the wind has shifted and are pushing the funds back into spring valley. we do not know if that will go all the way that there were just continue to hold off there. lots of spotty fires around us and we're watching firefighters move quickly to jump on them. an inversion layer was filling this valley with smoke but helping firefighters with the slowing flames. although still burning and jumping from spot to spot, the main fire has continued to move east and away from the small ranches and homes in the area north of clearlake that lead to mandatory evacuation sunday. overnight, to take advantage of the cool air and less w
mackovic cbs 5 >>> the effect of the fire hurting drivers across the bay area chevron confirms there's plenty of gasoline questions remain the reason for the price surge don knapp explains other factors are at play with the spike. >>> it may seem obvious after a fire in gasoline prices rise 25¢ per gallon the refinery has something to do with that it did have something but not all as chevron and critics say. >>> rapidly rising gas prices have little effect on bay area traffic that does not mean drivers are not concerned since the major fire damage in richmond bay area prices topped $4 a gallon by average $4.70 in santa clara and $4.50 in east bay everyone has an opinion. >>> i believe it is set because of this bill in richmond during >>> this woman and walnut creek does not think it is supply and demand. >>> i think something more underhanded behind it political probably >>> chevron agrees on the supply and demand they tell cbs 5 the market is adequately supplied and undamaged parts of the refinery produce gasoline. and a statement a company spokesman said the fired at the richmond
reports throughout the week and the most up-to-date information at cbs s f dot com a patent lawsuit sent shock waves through the high-tech industry more than $1 billion awarded to apple after as silicon jury ruled that samsung stole ideas. don knapp with two of the jurors. >>> an eclectic mixture, kurt gille took on the task of decidg who owed what between apple and samsung >>> i was watching a movie but thinking about this and the claims, i thought to myself i can defend this and then i thought if i can defend this patent as though it were my own i need to go back and tell my fellow jurors about this >>> a like pull moment he says that turn the case >>> i knew if i could defend it like it was my and i needed to look at the others >>> in that moment $1 billion when from left to right >>> it did >>> he wanted to send a message to other firms about infringing on patents >>> if you take your risk to in french be prepared to pay a cost >>> another juror a mechanical engineer samsung's own e-mail's convinced him that samsung's copied apple's. >>> once said their design versus apple's design w
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)